Report from Atlanta Pilgrimage

Photo is of Br. John and Br. Emile of Taize at the tomb of MLK, Jr.

We had a wonderful week of prayer and conversations with Br. John and Br. Emile in early October. So grateful for everyone who came out and traveled the pilgrimage road to new places in our city. People came from North Carolina, South Georgia and Tennessee. What a hopeful time of prayer and blessing.

The brothers came to support those who have been gathering for prayer in our city over the past 25 years and to broaden and deepen our connections with one another and with the greater work of the Taizé Community in their efforts to build peace and reconciliation around the world. 

We had three great evenings of prayer and conversation on themes of Pilgrimage, Trust and Hospitality at Central Pres, the Cathedral of St. Philip and St. Thomas More. A bit of excitement was an 11th hour power outage at St. Thomas More. Many thanks to First Christian Church – just down the street – to opening their doors and making it work! A truly ecumenical effort.

During the day, the brothers visited places of hope and met people of hope. They led a bible study at Covenant House Atlanta with homeless youth, and visited Memorial Drive Ministries, learning about a phenomenal and creative partnership in Clarkston between a church and several non-profits seeking to help refugees and immigrants. They met with young adults doing service and study and one evening had dinner with the L’Ache Atlanta community. They also made contacts with young orthodox and priests in the city for a pan-orthodox national gathering.

They made their own pilgrimage to the King Center and Martin Luther King, Jr’s tomb. Finally, on Saturday morning they led a small workshop with alumni of the Youth Theology Initiative and Candler students and staff. 

We are encouraging people to consider making their own pilgrimage to Taizé in France! A visit is a wonderful, faith-renewing experience during which you meet the world in one place and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Christian faith lived in a parable of communion. 

If you took any photos during this weeks events – please message this page. We would love a couple of pictures of the prayer spaces. 

blessings all,
Lisa and Co.

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