St. Bart’s prayer on September 11

On Monday, September 11, the Taizé prayer at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church will meet in a different place on campus at 8:00 for just this month. Follow signs down the hill to Amerson House Spirituality Center in the lower left corner of the parking lot, next to Toco Hills Community Ministry house. Amerson House is a lovely space and we look forward to praying with you there! The Congregation Bet Haverim will be meeting in the Nave and there is no other room in the inn up at the church! This will be our future overflow space when there are unavoidable conflicts up at the church. IMG_4283.JPG

New prayer at St. Bede’s

St. Bede’s Episcopal Church

St. Bede’s Episcopal Church will be starting a monthly Taize service on the first Sunday of each month beginning May 7th at 7 PM. The service will last for one hour and will include a labyrinth that can be walked during the service.St. Bede’s Episcopal Church. All are welcome!

1st Sunday of each month at 7 PM – Parish Hall
St. Bede’s Episcopal Church
Address: 2601 Henderson Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30345
Phone: (770) 938-9797