A Taizé Pilgrimage of Trust in Atlanta

Join two brothers from the ecumenical Taizé Community for evenings of prayer and reflection about building hope and reconciliation in the human family. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Central Presbyterian Church, Rand Chapel

7:30 P.M. – Taizé Prayer Service followed by welcome of Br. John and Br. Émile

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Episcopal Cathedral of St. Philip

7:00 P.M. – Conversation in the Gould Room: “Taizé and Hospitality”

8:00 P.M. – Taizé Prayer Service, Mikell Chapel

Thursday, October 3, 2019

St. Thomas More Catholic Church

7:00 P.M.  – Conversation in the main church: “Pilgrimage and Building Trust”

8:00 P.M.  – Taizé Prayer Service

For reflection, we will be using the Taizé 2019 pamphlet on hospitality.

For more event info: www.taizeatlanta.me. Questions? Contact: Lisa Persons.

Not familiar with the Taizé Community in France? Explore: www.taize.fr.

The pilgrimage of trust is first of all a meeting; with the Risen Christ and with others. Thanks to the times of prayer together, we make ourselves available for God. Through sharing and hospitality, everyone agrees to overcome barriers and differences in order to welcome and enrich one another.”

All are welcome!

Taizé Brothers coming in Fall 2019

Two brothers, Br. John and Br. Émile, will visit us for a few days the first week of October 2019. They will come for a few prayers and meetings with people in Atlanta and we look forward to having a small Pilgrimage of Trust involving three churches. The brothers travel in the US for certain parts of the year, having prayers and retreats with young adults and churches in different parts of the country. They have not been to Atlanta in many years and we look forward to welcoming them! Please see the website for more details here.

Brother Émile

Brother John

September 11 Prayer Cancelled

Due to Hurricane Irma and the official “State of Emergency” in the state of Georgia with it’s expected tropical storm force winds Monday night, we will be staying home and staying safe. Keep all those in your prayers who are experiencing the stress of this storm.

If you wish to listen to podcasts of recent prayers in Taizé you can scroll down and find them on the Taizé website here.

Here is a prayer from Br. Alois, Prior of Taizé:

You bless us, Lord Christ, us and those you entrust to us. Keep us in the spirit of the beatitudes: joy, simplicity, and merciful love.


St. Bart’s prayer on September 11

On Monday, September 11, the Taizé prayer at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church will meet in a different place on campus at 8:00 for just this month. Follow signs down the hill to Amerson House Spirituality Center in the lower left corner of the parking lot, next to Toco Hills Community Ministry house. Amerson House is a lovely space and we look forward to praying with you there! The Congregation Bet Haverim will be meeting in the Nave and there is no other room in the inn up at the church! This will be our future overflow space when there are unavoidable conflicts up at the church. IMG_4283.JPG

Interested in going to St. Louis for the Pilgrimage of Trust?

17814395_1436929359715571_9197697681962604479_oSoyini recently traveled for a week in Taizé and has the following words:

I have just come back from a truly magical week in Taize. I’d encourage anyone who has been attending services to go to the community and see how it all started and witness the amazing work the brothers continue to do.

For anyone who is interested, I’m planning to go to the pilgrimage of trust in St. Louis. Let’s organize! 

You can contact us through this site or the Facebook page if you are interested in going.

No Cathedral prayer on the Monday after Easter

We welcome you to our monthly facilitated Labyrinth Walk from 7:00 – 8:00 & followed by the Taize Service at 8:00 in the Mikell Chapel at the Cathedral of St. Philip on the 3rd Monday of every month. Every month we gather to walk this journey with others to seek a deeper meaning in our lives.


Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Monday – Cathedral Closed – NO facilitated Labyrinth Walk or Taize Service

Blessings on your path.

Cathedral of St. Philip
2744 Peachtree Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30305



New prayer at St. Bede’s

St. Bede’s Episcopal Church

St. Bede’s Episcopal Church will be starting a monthly Taize service on the first Sunday of each month beginning May 7th at 7 PM. The service will last for one hour and will include a labyrinth that can be walked during the service.St. Bede’s Episcopal Church. All are welcome!

1st Sunday of each month at 7 PM – Parish Hall
St. Bede’s Episcopal Church
Address: 2601 Henderson Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA 30345
Phone: (770) 938-9797

Registration open! St. Louis Pilgrimage

St. Louis, March 20th 2017

Dear Friends,

We write to you from St. Louis, where we arrived just a few days ago. In just over two months from now (May 26-29) our Pilgrimage of Trust will begin.

In actual fact, it’s already started. Many people in St. Louis have already entered into the spirit of the Pilgrimage. Since last September there have been “evenings of trust” all over the city and region: times of prayer followed by conversation on what is required in order to build trust. Many more of these evenings will take place in the coming weeks.

An article that appeared recently in the “St. Louis Post-Dispatch” will give you an idea of some of the expectations and hopes that we have heard in the last months:


St. Louis University, which will host the Pilgrimage, is providing us with some wonderful spaces for the prayers that will be at the heart of our Memorial Day weekend. On Saturday afternoon, there will be a number of inspiring workshops on social questions, art, music and the spiritual life. Here are few examples:

“Faith Lessons Learned in Ferguson” (led by Rev Starsky Wilson, who was the co-chair of the Ferguson Commission) and who continues to play a major role in the search for justice and change in StTa. Louis.

“Holding Up Your Corner: Talking About Race in Your Community”, led by Pastor Willis Johnson, and by Nicki Reinhardt-Swierk from the Center for Empowerment. Both are in Ferguson.

“Gospel without words”: with a mime artist.

The “Walk of Trust” through part of the city on Sunday afternoon will involve people of all generations and backgrounds.

Registration is now open: www.pilgrimageoftruststl.com

The cost (45 US dollars, meals included, except dinner on Friday evening) has been kept as low as possible. We encourage you to register in April and to get the word out to others.

The Pilgrimage of Trust in St. Louis connects well with the theme that is at the heart of all the weekly meetings at Taizé in 2017: “Together, Opening Paths of Hope”.

We are grateful for the opportunity to search “together” with you on ways to do this today.

Hoping to see you in St. Louis.

Brothers John and EmileTAIZE2016

Pilgrimage of Trust St. Louis, May 2017

From the Taizé website:


“From September 2016 to May 2017, brothers of the Taizé Community, working with with churches of various denominations will be facilitating a “pilgrimage of trust” in the St. Louis area. At a time when fear and violence seem to be gaining the upper hand, the purpose of the pilgrimage is to create a space where people of different backgrounds can come together for prayer and conversation on concrete ways of building trust in our daily lives. This yearlong pilgrimage of trust will culminate in a gathering to be held over Memorial Day weekend, May 26-29, 2017.”

“Taking part in a pilgrimage of trust means:

  • Crossing borders to share together in simplicity
  • Going together to the wellsprings of trust in the beauty of worship and song
  • Becoming people of trust and solidarity

A dedicated website showcasing local events in the pilgrimage and including practical information about how to register can be found at www.pilgrimageoftruststl.com.”

For more information, contact usameetings@taize.fr

You can watch a video on Taizé and the pilgrimage of trust here.