April Letter from Brs. in St. Louis

St Louis, Easter Monday 2017

Dear Friends,

We have just heard that the bells of St. Louis will ring on Sunday, May 28th at 2.00 pm when we begin our “Walk of Trust” in the city. This walk is just one part of the “Pilgrimage of Trust” that will bring us together with many people from all over the United States and Canada from May 26th to May 29th.  As we are about to enter into the last month of preparations, we send you this message from St. Louis, a city that we have learned to know and love in the last year and where have met many witnesses to Christ’s resurrection.

We have been using the term “pilgrimage” metaphorically for many years to signify our desire to respond with many others to the call of the gospels to set out in faith, in the spirit of the first beatitude: “Blessed are the poor in spirit ; theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Since last September, there have been many “evenings of trust” all over the city. When May comes around, we will have completed nine months of pilgrimage. And we can truly say that we have experienced something of the kingdom in these evenings of trust where people from diverse backgrounds have prayed, shared and searched together.

When people ask us, “What do you mean by trust?”, our response is: a trust that refuses to look away or to ignore the pain of others, that sharpens human vision, prods us to look squarely at the issues and not gloss over them, but to embrace reality, believing it can be transformed when it is acknowledged. A trust that can give us the courage to take risks for Christ and the Gospel. Our experience here has confirmed that we can only do this together. We hope that each one of you will hear the words of our friend in Ferguson, Pastor Willis Johnson: “the missing ingredient is you”. Yes, we need each other to journey together on this pilgrimage of trust.

We will try to keep registration open for as long as possible, but it will make our life easier if you could register before the end of the month. You can do so on www.pilgrimageoftruststl.com where you can also can find the schedule for the entire long weekend and more practical information.

In the joyful communion of the Risen Christ,

Brothers John and Emile